Mancave Model

4 Player Stand-up Mancave Model Demo Video:


Mancave Model User Interface Video:



IMG_3674Mancave Model Arcade Machine

You can get this in 2 or 4 player models.

  • Exclusive Cabinet design, made from durable laminated quality particle board.
  • 2 player non functional coin door with lights.
  • Your own custom favorites menu that doubles as a screen saver.
  • Super easy menu system to choose the game you want to play using the joystick.
  • Customizable LED backlit top marquee sign.
  • 2 player 14 button authentic HAPP arcade grade buttons and joysticks.
  • Slim but sturdy design due to our exclusive cabinet and LCD TV technology.
  • One button on/off switch. Volume control.
  • Zero delay controls.
  • Very durable construction for years of gaming fun.
  • Measures 24″x24″x6′ – Approx weight is 175lbs.
  • Plays 10,000+ games* across multiple systems including: Coin operated arcade games, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Turbo Graphics 16, Atari 2600 and more!
  • Ability to customize any or all of the graphics, joysticks and buttons.
  • Warranty on all parts.
  • 4 player model also available.
  • Made in Canada!



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