Arcade Conversions

Turn any old cabinet into a 10,000 in 1 Multicade!

Bring us an arcade cabinet working or not and we will repair any damages, clean it up, completely gut it, apply custom graphics, install a flat screen monitor and all our exclusive Arcade Time Machine digital hardware and software.

Enjoy all the old classics on an actual real arcade machine, this is perfect for anyone that wants to replicate actual arcade experience in their home or business.

2012 UPDATE: We can now install working coin doors with LED lights on all our conversions! INSERT QUARTER TO PLAY OR FREE PLAY!

Below is a sample of some of our conversion projects:

David’s NEO-GEO Conversion:

Keith’s TMNT

Mark’s Super Pacman:

Mark’s MS Pacman:


Dave’s Soul Calibur:

John’s Virtua Fighter Conversion:

Dustin’s 4Player NBA Jam:

Mark’s Mortal Kombat:

George’s Neo-Geo:

Brent’s Tetris:


James’ Omega Race

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