Retro Gaming is Back! – Based in Vancouver Canada – We Deliver our EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM ARCADE MACHINES to anywhere in Canada! Call us 1-866-214-7933

Hello and welcome to our website. Here you can inquire about purchasing a brand new exclusive Commercial Multi Arcade Machine or our Mancave Model for your home! We also have 4 player machines and DIY arcade kits!







We also Service and Repair all types of older Arcade Machine and Pinball Machines.


  • Authenticity is always our number one goal!
  • Delivery is available within the Vancouver area (We can ship to anywhere in Canada)
  • Our exclusive “Apartment” slim cabinet measures: 24″x24″x72″


Arcade machine pinball machine repair servicing vancouver


Street Fighter 2 Tournament is Thursday June 25th 2015. Warm up fighting starts at 6pm. Tournament starts at 7pm. Call 1-866-214-7933 for a free ticket.






Enjoy Our Authentic Arcade Machine Gaming Experience!
*For legality reasons some games are not included with the sale.

Fixing your old arcade machine can sometimes be difficult and frustrating!
Check out our Digital Arcade Conversion Options!